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Charities & Volunteerships

Charities we Donate to: These particular charities are due to a close family member or friend that has suffered from these illnesses that drove our dedication to support the cause. As for the French Bulldog rescue, well… I own two French bulldogs myself and I have and will always have a special spot in my heart for this breed and ALL dogs for that matter!

  1. Pancreatic Cancer Awareness- Purple Strength
  2. Synovial Sarcoma Cancer: Sarcoma Foundation of America
  3. Rocky Mountain French Bulldog Rescue
  4. Rocky Mountain Human Services / VA: Homes for All Veterans

Places we Love to Volunteer:

  1. Colorado Prescription Pet Program

    This is a program where I have had the opportunity to volunteer my beloved frenchies both Sheldon & Penny to visit sick children and adults that could really use a furry friend to brighten their day. WE strive to take a moment of stress and hurt away from these patients and for a moment let them smile and love on my fur babies and not have a care in the world.

  2. Denver Pet Partners

    This is a certification program that we went through in order to become with my 2 French bulldogs Sheldon & Penny a therapy team. This volunteer program services the elderly people of our communities that are also looking for something to smile about. Animals have a way of brining a joy that is so effortless and almost everyone can enjoy!

Professional Memberships & Certifications

  1. Aurora Board of Realtors: As a member of this board I am certified REALTOR and have to adhere to a stricter set of standard of ethics and codes than a typical licensed real estate agent. You do not have to be a REALTOR to practice real estate agency in Colorado, but our team feels that the higher standard we are held to is important for our moral and ethical standards of how we do business. Ensuring we are the best we can be for each and every client that our team helps.
  2. Pike Peak Board Of Realtors: Our team is also a member of this same type board of REALTORS certification for the southern division of this state. We are held to the same strict ethical standards of the National Realtors Code of Ethics, but we joined this group so we can better service any clients we get that are in the southern areas of the state.
  3. Italian American Business Association: As an Italian American myself I felt the joining of this empowering and positive business association helped me connect with other fantastic Italian American business owners. This has really helped me grow my vendor list for my clients, giving them contractors or services from people I have really come to know and trust! This association has not only help build my business, but given me a way to support the other small business owners like myself grow and prosper.
  4. Homes For Hero's: This is a wonderful program that I have signed up to be a part of that offers our home town hero’s real estate services at a discount or a cash back refund as a warm thank you for all they do in our community. Hometown heroes are our police officers, fire fighters, teachers and many other public service positions that are an integral part of why our communities go round, but often are unnoticed and go under appreciated. These members of our communities are important to our team and this is a great way for our team to show our appreciation and gratitude.